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In the second volume of I Am a Flight Attendant & That Is My Superpower, we are taken on another ride around the globe with 21 new stories of adventure, courage, and resiliency. Through stories of love, anguish, and of course, travel, we come to better understand the lives, the trials and tribulations, and the utter joy experienced by 21 authors who wear their wings upon their chests. Once again, united by our free-spirited nature, we have come together to explore the superpowers we all possess and support one another as we navigate our ever-changing worlds and as we find ourselves over and over again. 

So, welcome aboard flight V2! Sit back, relax, and enjoy these new, exciting, revealing, and empowering tales from these 21 superheroes whom we call flight attendants.

Jessica De Serre Boissonneault

From small town girl to global inspiration, Jessica has always been known for her positivity and bubbliness! Jessica’s real transformation began in 2013 when she made the crucial decision to escape an abusive marriage and start her journey as a single mother. Through her journey, she learned how to elevate women just like her. Along with being a flight attendant for the past 11 years, a passionate world traveller, and a philanthropist, today, she is happy in love with her beautiful, blended family! She was nominated for the Top 50 Most Influential Women in the VIP Global Magazine in the United States and is an award-winning author with three International Best-Selling Books. Jessica is an authentic team leader, and her motto is: “We rise by lifting each other”! She is dedicated to sharing her contagious energy with everyone fortunate enough to cross her path. Jessica is an entrepreneur at heart, a dreamer and a go-getter, and you are likely to see her hiking, doing a family dance party in the living room, enjoying date night with her love, or on a plane for her next adventure exploring this beautiful world!

To schedule a complimentary session; please text Jessica at Tel: +1 514.824.9402 

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Jessica De Serre Boissonneault

Christina Degano

Multi-passionate, spiritually grounded, holistic citizen of the world could describe Christina. Still currently a happy Canadian-based flight attendant, she has ‘grown-up’ in her adored airline industry, across 3 different departments. CN has used the gift of travel, primarily for personal and professional development, ultimately to evolve her life’s purpose, in the early-adoption and specialisation of all things holistic, yogic, and energetic. Forming her main ‘dharma’, she is a veteran Yogini, and a practitioner of various integrative modalities as a Doctor (PhD) in Natural Medicine, and Registered Professional Counsellor. With her partner Felipe, who lives on Kauai Hawaii, CN collaborates on their common specialties in Holistic Health, Rejuvenation therapies (which keep them both vibrantly young!) and Real Estate, while they commute to see one another, and plan their common idyllic residence and unified future mission.

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“Open your heart, Open your World.. ”
San Carlos de Bariloche
Patagonia Argentina
La Cordillera De Los Andes
Great Sphinx of Giza, EGYPT
Merzouga Morocco
Con mi Mate
It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting,.. - Paulo Coelho

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Karina V Gonzalez

Karina was born in San Carlos de Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina. She is a passionate graphic designer and an international flight attendant. For years, she had a silent dream of becoming a sky angel and travelling the world. She kept that dream alive until one day, the opportunity appeared on her ‘Camino’. In this book collaboration, she will share how her dream job has become an inspiration in her life: Exploring the world, interacting with people from different cultures and backgrounds, as well as connecting with her fellow colleagues, enriches her existence every day. Karina is thrilled to participate in this collaborative journey once again, both as a writer and the graphic designer for Volume 2 and she feels blessed to have the opportunity to co-create chapter 2 with her dear colleague, CND, who she describes as one of her spiritual mentors. Wellness, and in particular mental health, is a topic near and dear to her heart after successfully rising above many significant challenges and Karina finds every opportunity to share her superpowers to help others do the same.

Patrick Richard

Patrick is such a funny and inspiring person. He is present, attentive, caring, and generous with both his time and his person. He is hilarious, determined and he possesses an untold number of talents and expertise of all kinds. He’s a great communicator. He is also a remarkable writer. He’s a LEADER, and he’s also an incredible “cheerleader” – always ready to cheer on and motivate the troops with positive, colorful comments filled with love and care. He is a real and genuine person who embraces his imperfections (which one might say!) and who constantly motivates himself to see the bright side of life. He is positive and gets back up no matter what obstacles life puts in his way. He is truly an example of resilience and what it means to have a ‘powerful mindset’! His curiosity and his love of life have led him to travel a lot and continuously. His quest for the world (outside and inside) eventually guided him to the world of cruise ships on which he worked and sailed in international waters for nearly ten years. He then turned to aviation, where he took on several challenges. Patrick acts as an agent of change and justice. He defends several causes, including Suicide Prevention and non-discrimination in general. He worked and volunteered in palliative centers where he provided people with his company at the end of their life, or as usual, helped them embark on another voyage.

“ Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. ” – Ibn Battuta

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Cappadocia Turkey
Cappadocia Turkey
Houston, USA
"You may Have to fight a battle more than once to win it" - Margaret Thatcher


Khouloud Hammami

Khouloud Hammami is a young Tunisian woman. She joined the Airline industry 4 years ago and has been an international flight attendant ever since. This multi-cultural environment has pushed her to pursue A master’s degree in English for international communication. This degree ultimately gave her a wider understanding of how the world has been a greater place for different cultures to live in harmony.

Starting her career at a young age, Khouloud has been working on developing her skills as a translator and writer. She aims to establish regular contact with the customers and colleagues from different regions and dive deeper into the diversity that the airline has offered. These newly acquired skills have ultimately given her the opportunity to take part in this book collaboration and share the experiences and stories that she has witnessed and lived as a flight attendant aiming to hopefully send positive and impactful messages to her readers.

Kristen McGirr

Kristen McGirr will be celebrating a decade of service as a flight attendant next spring. This is an unbelievable accomplishment for her. She has had many highs and lows in the continuously evolving world of aviation, but she did not let that stop her from persevering in her dream job. After over a year of being laid off because of the effect of Covid-19 on tourism, she is now back in the sky doing what she loves most. Every day is a new beginning for Kristen, and she always tries to spread joy and laughter wherever she goes. She knows that people tend to be silent about their pain since it is quite difficult to face the truth sometimes. Having had many challenges herself in her soon-to-be 33 years on this earth, she recognizes that everyone is fighting their own personal battle, and therefore, she finds it quite vital to be kind to every person she encounters. Kristen has also recently celebrated becoming a first-time author for the international bestseller book collaboration “I am a flight attendant & that is my superpower” Volume 1. She was ecstatic to, once again, receive an invitation to be an author in this volume 2 edition. Not every day can go as planned, but Kristen knows that it is still worth living, and that is what she strives to remind others. In this day and age, Kristen believes that you have the opportunity to live many chapters in your life. What she means by this is that if you are brave enough, you can have countless unique journeys. Every day can be a new blank page to add to the book of your life, so what are you waiting for? Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself, the same way Kristen does each day!


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" Breaking isolation through writing.. "
"Laisse les autres te dire, non!." "Let others, tell you no!.."

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Isabelle Rioux

March 23rd, 2011 will remain a date forever engraved in Isabelle Rioux’s heart. That day, her then 2-year-old son Samuel was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. A difficult time; shock, denial, distress, and anger. A flight attendant for 24 years and mother of two, she knew then that her life would never be the same.

She knew that only her vision of how she saw differences in others could be what would bring beauty to her new reality. She decided to welcome this new challenge with an open heart, and she closed the door on all judgment for her son and for herself. Samuel, without knowing it, changed her way of seeing diversity in others. Samuel, with his own range of this spectrum, was always real and true to himself. His outward uncensored way of being and expressing himself was changing Isabelle’s own view of herself. She learned to welcome her flaws alongside her qualities, making her feel whole, beautiful, and true to herself, like her son.

Isabelle holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Québec in Montréal. She also started a program at the Institute Coaching International to become a certified coach in NLP. She is currently a certified Practitioner in NLP. She is also interested in teaching and has discovered a real passion for the profession of substitute teaching. She believes in Supporting All Individual Learners (SAIL), such as those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. A woman committed to the cause of autism and special needs, Isabelle participates each year in making differences in others shine through the month of autism at conferences and with concrete actions in schools. Her growing need to rebuild her life and push further led her to write continuously. She created a private group called Ma bulle on Facebook with more than 662 following members where she shares her daily experiences with her son. Her purpose in creating this group was to shine a light on an otherwise unbeknown disorder. Isabelle wants to make a difference in people’s lives.

Shirley Pierre

Shirley Pierre was born and raised in Montréal, Canada, to Haitian parents who immigrated to the province of Québec in the 1970s. Shirley spent her childhood discovering her creativity through writing, improvisation work, and dance.  She has been flying for close to 25 years as a flight attendant.  Her career has taken her to live in Vancouver and Toronto, her travels took her to cities like Nice and San Francisco, and her layovers to places like Taipei and Brussels.  In 2005, she wanted to get rid of her fear of speaking Spanish that she had studied in university.  For six months, she backpacked in South America, with herself as she would say.   She learned the Argentine tango in Mendoza; she trekked through Roraima and Canaima, she practiced yoga and sang karaoke all in Spanish while she was hosted by a Venezuelan family in Isla del Margarita. Shirley has always loved fitness and wellness and is fascinated by the mind-body-spirit connection.  Two of her favourite authors, Louise L. Hay and Iyanla Vanzant, have lifted the veil for her to uncover self-love through positive affirmations.  Always physically active, Shirley decided to make fitness a lifestyle.  She started running and has participated in many 10k runs, 2 half marathons, and one 5k run.  She aspires to complete a triathlon and a full marathon.  Her 20-year yoga practice has been moved and modified by the arrival of her two loving sons.  Motherhood has made Shirley shift her priorities and has awoken her almost-forgotten dreams of writing books and public speaking.  One of her next projects, besides yoga and fitness challenges, is to publish her travel journals in South America so the world and her children can read and live the experience through her eyes.

"Nobody is going to love you more than you" - my 'nènène', my godmother Jocelyne.

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- She believed she could, so she did.."

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Cindy Laurens

Cindy is a passionate and dedicated mother of four sons. At seven years old, she moved with her family from Normandy to Montréal, Canada. She lived in the province of Quebec until December 2014, when she moved to California with her family. With an easy-going and friendly personality, she always makes friends easily everywhere she ends up. Once you are fortunate enough to have her in your life, you will have found a loyal and caring friend on whom you can always count on.

Cindy graduated from Cégep Lionel-Groulx in computer science and received her university certificate in Early Child Development at UQAM, but it wasn’t until she recently completed flight attendant training and got her wings that she knew she was in the right place and had found what she was passionate about. From computer programmer to elementary school educator to flight attendant, Cindy has always tried to make a positive impact in people’s lives. Her dedication to others is well known and an essential part of her personality.

Cindy has also discovered that she can self-care while continuing to be a dedicated daughter, sister, mother, lover, and friend. Since this discovery, she wants to give that positive influence and hope to others in the hopes of setting them on the path of empowerment. Through her travel club representative activity and her collaboration in this book, she hopes to reach out to even more people and inspire them to live the life they deserve while remaining authentic.

Chris Harding

Chris Harding is a Flight Attendant and Founder of the group DepartFromDepression.

About Depart From Depression:

Depart From Depression is a group for aviation professionals by aviation professionals. Addressing mental health and providing resources & support to those in need of it in our profession globally. With more than 20 airlines represented from all over the world, we are proud to have a very diverse group of caring professionals.

More about the founder:

As of today, Chris is 27 years old, and originally from a small town in southeastern Kentucky. Chris entered this profession in July of 2018 and currently resides in Ft. Worth, Texas and is based out of DFW working for one of the leading regional carriers. July 25th of 2021 marked Chris’s 3-year anniversary as a flight attendant.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”- unknown
"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." - Maya Angelou

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Yvonne Westover

Yvonne is creative, curious, and compassionate. She is a wife, mother, artist, Certified Zentangle Teacher AND a flight attendant. Yvonne has had her wings for 26 years and jokes that it has been the longest summer job ever!

When Yvonne doesn’t have her head in the clouds, she is on the ground painting, drawing, and leading art workshops for corporate/wellness events, school programs, senior centres, summer camps, private classes, and teaching online. She is proud to have inspired over 2800 people to find their creative wings!

In 2017, Yvonne suffered a brain injury, and through the recovery process, gained a new understanding of “everyone has a story.” She had listened to so many stories from passengers and art students over the years and thought she didn’t have her own to tell. The brain injury gave Yvonne a story that she wants to tell, not as a victim but rather as a story of strength, resolve and appreciation for the little moments in life that can take your breath away!

"The biggest lie we tell ourselves is we always think we have more time but the only time we have is right now" - Prynce Michael

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Prynce Michael

So much can happen in a year. Prynce purchased his first home, started a new business, and most importantly became a better person in the process. Much like most of the world, he was also impacted by the vile Covid-19 virus. However, he wasn’t impacted in the way you may think. Yes, he received a layoff letter from his current employer, however, Covid impacted him by reaffirming that his mind is powerful and reminded him to continue to nourish it. With that being said, he challenged himself to not only generate more income, but to also not allow himself to see the negative impact that this pandemic has caused. Instead, he chose to embrace the many opportunities that presented themselves to him. During this pandemic his company launched their scholarship fund, and he became an international best-selling author. He believes that, in his case, the covid pandemic has been a blessing in disguise. Prynce was reminded that in order for us to grow we have to be uncomfortable. Nothing happens when we are comfortable. It is when we inconvenience ourselves that we truly grow to our fullest potential. If you don’t take anything else away from this short exposé take this, Potential is just potential until YOU DECIDE otherwise. Although, you may feel down and out just know that you aren’t. A better tomorrow is waiting for you to create it.

Agnes De Balasi

After 20+ years of working in dead-end administrative roles, Agnes decided to finally put her happiness first, and set out to find a career that fulfilled her. Since 2000, she has been traveling around the world as a flight attendant and finds so much joy in meeting new people, learning about new cultures and tasting all the food that the world has to offer.  Agnes is a mother of 4 with an ever-expanding tribe of grandchildren and great grandchildren. As anyone who has met her will tell you, Agnes has the gift of the gab and is a great conversationalist. Agnes’ character could not be better described than by her granddaughter Kailee in a letter she wrote on Agnes’ 70th birthday:

“They say age is just a number, but I can’t think of many people who truly exemplify the fact that you really are only as old as you feel except for you. You live your life on your own terms, unapologetically doing what makes you happy and only participating in moments that bring you joy, and that makes you an incredible role model for every young woman you meet. You exude kindness, understanding, and empathy from the second you meet or come in contact with strangers, friends, and family. The immediate calming and comforting effect you have is difficult to describe, but you just know it when it’s there, every time I see you, without fail. Your bravery and determination to be happy and healthy is something that rubbed off on me even from the youngest age. You’ve taught me that being kind is more effective than being a bully, that there isn’t one definition of a perfect life, that thoughts and intentions turn into actions, and that by respecting yourself, you are setting the tone for how others will treat you. You are so important to me and all of us from coast to coast, and I am thankful beyond measure that my children will have you in their lives to listen and learn from your wisdom and zest for life.”

"Heal the soul first. Then healing the mind & body will follow" ❤️
“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it”. - Mary Engelbreit.

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Nataliia Busilkova

Nataliia is a 27-year-old Ukrainian traveller and explorer who is passionate about exciting adventures, unforgettable experiences, and memories. Inspired by people and the beauty of nature, she tries to find goodness in everything around her. She is a very warm and loving person, always ready to give her best to others and make them happy. She thinks that everyone is beautiful in their own way. She likes to challenge herself and discover new things in life. Natalia believes in having all kinds of experiences as long as a lesson is learned, and she takes only positivity out of it. She aims to always stay true to herself regardless of the challenges or changes that come her way. Family is one of the most important things to her, and one day, she wishes to have one of her own that will be filled with love and care. She dreams big and works hard for her happy future. She also believes in independence and the ability to always take care of herself and stay strong no matter what happens. Whenever an exciting opportunity comes toward her, she takes it even if it pushes her out of her comfort zone because she finds it to be an excellent way to live life to its fullest.

“There can be no peace in the world until there is peace within.” -Shri Mataji

modeling photo credit Alexis Lagos

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Paula Erskine

As a child, Paula Erskine spent many of her summers exploring her mother Karmela’s Adriatic coastal village of Selce and other beautiful gems in Croatia. Her interest in travelling was sparked on one of her flights by an unexpected mentor.  Since then, she has had many adventures as a curvy model, flight attendant, blogger, actor and now an author. This is just the beginning of several written works in different genres to come! Each country and culture has brought her closer to the threads that bind all of humanity. Paula takes her readers across four continents: North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Her story reads like a gratitude postcard to the world.

One of Paula’s many secret weapons include humor stemming from a comedy improvisation acting background. Her unique experiences and unbelievable stories are golden opportunities for developing characters as a successful voice actor. She also found her voice through singing lessons this past year to expand her voice-over adventures. Audio book narration, animation, e-learning, documentaries, films, TV, and more are all on her radar. Stay tuned for all her adventures by following her on @catwalktorunway.

On a fateful flight, a passenger threatened her life, right there, in the aisle of the airplane. Find out more about the trials, turbulence and search for joy that provide her with emotional intelligence to navigate even uncharted territory!

It is surprising that while scuba diving in Thailand to get away from the madding crowd, she experienced a miraculous restoration of self while plunging beneath the Andaman Sea. She searched the planet for want of wonders, inner peace and answers and found the source of inspiration, ideals, and pure self knowledge.  She has been tuned in to her higher self ever since she discovered her inner superpowers! In fact, Paula has provided a handy guide “meditation on the fly” near the back of this very book! Discovering your inner superpowers can be an adventure of a lifetime! For more information about free classes and resources, visit

Paula Erskine has a writing blog where she journals about everything from aviation lessons to her creative pursuits. You can contact her at where she aims to educate, entertain, and inspire. She is a dynamic storyteller and welcomes the opportunity for speaking engagements, voice work and presentations as an actor, world traveller, mentor and author in the classroom or on the stage, at your next event!

"Don't let Fear interFEAR with living your life to the fullest."

Aya Levy

Aya has recently retired after 41 years of an amazing career as a flight attendant. She is a proud mother to Jordan and a grandmother to a five-year-old, Eden.

Born in Israel, she saw a State being built on the sand of the Mediterranean Sea, the Swamps flooding its dry land, the desert in the South and Mountains in the North. Aya was raised in a society founded by a melting pot of many cultures, nationalities, customs, languages, and political views. Her country was built by broken souls and bodies of Holocaust survivors united by the dream to live in an independent and free Land.

Being raised and brought up in this unique society taught her the great lessons of persistence and survival, acceptance, and tolerance.

At the age of 21, post military service and graduating from “LIFE UNIVERSITY” she set out to explore and discover the world. Landing in Canada, she spent the next eight years finding herself, becoming her own. Aya had to learn new trades and professions, become bilingual and multilingual, and integrate into the very unique Quebec society.

Always needing to complement her income and later survive as a single mom, Aya became a “Jack of many trades.”

As a motivational speaker, she applied her creativity and energy to empower women and men, coaching them on how to live a healthy lifestyle, exercise, create beautiful living spaces for themselves, and follow their dreams. She created a new international family in four corners of the world while developing her passion for Culinaria, art, interior design, and writing. Aya was born to lead. Her biggest mission is to invest in humanity and motivate by example. A survivor herself, she is committed to supporting young adolescents fighting cancer and made this her charity and community investment.

Aya’s mantra is that every BAD thing happens for a GOOD reason. This mantra works every time if you allow it to. Ask her how Cancer can be a “good thing,” and she will tell you to figure out what the numeric value to “ATTITUDE” is…

Yes, you got it … Attitude = 100%. Real power is all about how we use and engage our minds to work for us and empower others.

“Ask and the universe shall give.”

Anna Monaco

Anna is a Toronto-born flight attendant, mother of twins, and an entrepreneur with a fresh and always positive outlook on life.

During high school, a class project propelled her into the exciting world of politics and encouraged her to volunteer in her community. She grew to love this experience and even forged the first officially affiliated youth political club in the province at the high school level. This allowed her to stay involved long after her assignment ended.

University away from home helped her become independent while learning about political science and international relations. She thought if she became a lawyer, it would be the best way to change public policy and improve the lives of fellow Canadians. That became her horizon, but not for long!

Politics soon lost its allure, and she was drained. After graduating, Anna needed a break. When an opportunity for a position as a flight attendant with a major Canadian airline presented itself, Anna took it. What started out as a short-term break turned into over 26 years of living an unexpected dream!

Travelling the world, meeting new people, and fostering new friendships, as it turns out, is very fulfilling!

Her job took her to many places, but Caracas, Venezuela, was the place that would have the greatest impact on her life. She would live there and commute back to Toronto for many years. Caracas allowed Anna to ascend to some of the highest highs of her life and fall to some of the lowest lows. She gave birth to twins but was widowed just five short days later. She climbed out of grief by focusing on raising her babies while trying to successfully run and revive her late husband’s Italian restaurant.

Of course, life continues to throw her the unexpected, and now she is Back in Canada. She focuses mostly on day-trip flights, raising her beautiful twins with her committed and loving partner, and writing a cookbook of her favourite Italian recipes, so often enjoyed at Ristorante Via Cipro, Caracas.

Stay tuned; the best is yet to come!

" The best is yet to come..." - Carolyne Leigh
" Life is what you make it. Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about to learn to dance in the rain. - She believed she could, so she did.."

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Karine Boileau

Karine is a passionate dreamer who loves to spread her light and energy towards positive change. She is a fervid writer and speaker who believes in courage and determination. She has a contagious smile, and she loves to engage with people.

She has been a devoted flight attendant for the past eight years, minus a very long twenty-month break during the pandemic. Grounded but still grateful, she used her time away from aviation to reinvent herself and explore new avenues.

Her bachelor’s degree in Communication and Modern Languages allowed her to work as an English teacher in an elementary school. On top of that, she studied Access Consciousness, an energy healing technique that helps people connect to their dreams and intuition. She also took a cranial massage course and now offers treatments for clients visiting her at her home office.

She is the author of “The Power of Speaking your Truth,” published in Volume 1 of the Flight Attendant Superpower series. She is also the founder of Version B, a wellness blog and organization that wishes to empower women to be the best version of themselves by respecting their beautiful body, amazing mind, and spirit. In addition, she organizes powerful and inspiring retreats to allow women to connect, exchange, and share. She is currently putting together a wide variety of new projects that will soon enough be leading to more books, blogs, talks and podcasts.

Karine is really big about living her best life, and she truly wishes to empower other people to do the same. She lives in a simple house by a beautiful lake with her boyfriend and her almost three-year-old daughter.

« Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen. »

My business cell # is (819)923-4902

Claudine St Amour

After the rain comes the sun. CoCo is just like a rainbow; she carries every colour. With her optimistic personality, she is able to surmount every obstacle that comes her way. After every storm comes a rainbow, just like CoCo. She learned to be responsible at a very young age since her dear single mother was struggling with her fragile health and financial issues. Throughout her teenage years, CoCo was a very active person with a hardworking personality. She started working at 12 years old to support herself and played water polo during her time in high school. She then got her lifeguarding certification while studying and working a part-time job. No one said life was easy, but CoCo was looking for all the opportunities that came her way. She became a lifeguard at her college, then, at 18 years old, she had an experience of a lifetime teaching kids how to swim for 4 months in Niamey, Niger, Africa. She believes that staying active and doing outdoor activities helps people stay healthy. She graduated from the University of Ottawa in Human Kinetics and also graduated from UQAH with her teacher’s certificate in 1996. Following her first year in university, she left for the summer to go backpacking in the Canadian Rockies to learn English. She received her most wonderful gifts in her early 30’s, her 2 sons. Despite her divorce shortly after giving birth to her youngest, she enjoyed life travelling with her boys, doing karate with her eldest, and horseback riding with her youngest. She is now a 48-year-old flight service director that has been working for her airline for the past 25 years. She is a French Canadian from the region of Ottawa who learned English at 20 years old and Spanish at 27. She has always been a very determined person who wants to create a positive impact in people’s lives. She was born generous, sensible, and affectionate to others. After her back injury in 2017, she decided that she wanted to give back to others by becoming a specialized massage therapist. She is now recovering at home after being a super flight attendant during the pandemic of 2020 and can’t wait to go back to serving others and letting her beautiful rays of sunshine shine through thick clouds.

“For most, the sky’s the limit; for me, it’s home”- anonymous

Meaghan Hudson

Meaghan is a small-town girl from the Laurentians of Quebec. Growing up, her family mostly took road trips around eastern Canada and some of the States, but in 2009 she took her first trip abroad with her high school English class and the experience stuck with her. You could say she really is a jack of all trades, having worked in retail, investments and insurance, and communications, to mention a few. She started her aviation career in early 2016 in Toronto for a popular Canadian airline. After 2 years in Toronto, 2 years in Montreal and 26 countries under her belt, she was laid off in 2020 like most in the aviation industry. While off, she started her certification in business management and took a job at an elementary school as an attendant to children with special needs, a supervisor, and a daycare worker. She never expected to get so attached to a job that she never thought she would ever be interested in. Once the school year ended, she found a job as a receptionist for a stone company and learned the ropes. It definitely kept life interesting, and both places became family. She is now enjoying her time in the Laurentians with her significant other and their Chihuahua and is continuing to work on her certification. She has finally been recalled back to her airline after just over 17 months and is looking forward to her future adventures.

“Sometimes when you falling down you grow wings to fly.” de Debasish Mridha.

IG: jenika22

Jessika Pierre

Jessika’s childhood was influenced by her parents’ love of travel, care of people, and strong family values. Her passion for music, dance, fashion, and parties developed in her teenage years which continue until today. Jessika attended Marie-Victorin College for social work, and she graduated in 2007. Her love for helping people got her a job as a youth worker.  Her great listening skills and her open mind allowed her to thrive in that career.  Even if the children she worked with helped her grow and learn about herself, she realized she was not fully happy in that position.

What followed was a series of jobs that kept her searching for a fulfilling career that would match her qualities as a sociable extravert and lover of life.  Through a chance meeting, an old acquaintance told her that he imagined her as a flight attendant.  Surprised and delighted all at once, she acted on this information and sent her résumés to many airline companies.  In January 2011, she finally felt professionally fulfilled and began her career as a flight attendant.  Today, it has been ten beautiful years of being happy and in love with her dream job.

Jessika is a wife, and she is a mother to her wonderful 2-year-old son.  Today, she is back in the sky after her maternity leave and her pandemic-related layoff.  Jessika looks to the future, and she hopes to empower women to think outside of the box in order to be the best version of themselves.


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