Did you know that personal stories can carry superpower effects & be destined to transform peoples lives?!

21 Exceptional Global Flight Attendants

21 Incredible Personal Stories

21 Empowering Chronicles of Superpowers Superheroes

“We rise by lifting each other.”


Let your dreams take flight !

May this book inspire you to dream big, & own YOUR superpower.
The world needs you more than ever. So at this time, I invite you to sit back relax and allow these stories to take you to new and exciting destinations.
– Jamie Mcniven Smith


THE AUTHORS HAVE DESCRIBED THIS BOOK TO BE: Confidence, Love, Faith, Empowerment, Community, Strength, Passion, Unity, Proud, Opportunity, Devotion

What people say..


Hi my name is Jessica dsb

I am a Service Director & In-Flight Instructor. I have been flying for 13 years & I am the founder of the books series called “I am a Flight Attendant & That is my Superpower”

As a publisher I am proud to share that I have now helped 36 of authors to become international best sellers and I am so proud of each of them!

During a time such as the Covid-19 pandemic where people were disconnected; it was our mission and superpower, to preserve mental health, love, connection & support of each other, by sharing our true life lessons and inspiring tales from around the world.

Why do I mention mental health?! It is still such an important subject to raise awareness about. There are still over 11 suicides a day in Canada. Second leading factor for death of young people. This raises an alarm. We need to stick together as a community & positively impact peoples lives. We rise by lifting each other is a great mantra to live by.

We Flight Attendants also known as sky angels have the power to Change the World, one flight at the time. And now with these books, we use our voices to make this world a better place in AND out of the skies.

Like Jason Mraz says Look for the good in people & let’s not forget of the superpowers we possess!

Want to give special thanks to Christina Degano, Karine Boileau Karina Gonzalez & Paula Erskine

For more information about me please visit my website www.jessicadsb.com

Always with love, jessica dsb

Jessica De Serre Boissonneault

“ To most sky is the limit, to those who love aviation the sky is home. ”


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